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Danielle Fritz

As the Retail Oracle, I’m here to provide counsel in your retail business to enchant customers, surge sales, and enjoy running a successful store- giving you more freedom, wealth, and time.

The Retail Oracle, Danielle Fritz, is a visionary in training retail business owners to prepare them for the role they are taking on, to uplevel their approach of where they are now, and inspire them to take leaps toward the business and lifestyle they dream of.


Enchant customers, surge sales, and enjoy running your successful store.

The Products

Danielle is a Certified WhizBang Retail Coach who believes in the power of the WB products and methods. These in-depth programs will leave you more confident and empowered in marketing, staff management, strategy, and more. Master your business to create more freedom in work and life!

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Speaking Events

Danielle has had the pleasure of partnering with companies in 2018 to share her insight and wisdom from years in the business on marketing that works, developing a passionate staff, and creating sales through service. Want to invite Danielle to speak at your next business event?

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Coaching with Danielle

Are you ready to start or revitalize your own business that can give you an amazing, fulfilled life with the right systems and people in place? With over 30 years of experience I can guide you to stop dreaming of a successful retail business and instead, start living it!


Being an independent business owner is the most fascinating job in the world. It encompasses your passion and love for a product or hobby, your successes, your failures and everything in between.

— Danielle Fritz, The Retail Oracle


The Retail Oracle Podcast

Get business know-how and support straight from the Retail Oracle on the weekly podcast. Bite size information you can begin implementing to build the business and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.